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use your bathroom for a greenhouse!

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Planting in the Perfect Greenhouse

Your bathroom, full of warm, moist air, is the perfect greenhouse! Plants naturally flourish in these conditions. The shiny, green leaves help your room feel comfy & roomy. No matter how much, or little, light you have, there's a plant for you.

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Sunny bathrooms are great for many plants. Bromeliads, tropical plants that produce vibrant blossoms, love sunlight.


Hanging spider plants quickly grow to fill a large window. The schefflera is a hardy plant that complements a spacious bathroom.


In a small bathroom, try a pink polka dot plant. This plant has pretty pink & green speckled leaves & produces delicate purple flowers. In any sunny room, plants dry out quickly, so be sure to adjust your watering.

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Follow these tips to help your plants thrive:

  • Buy healthy plants. If the leaves are brown, if you see bugs, or if there are white, sticky splotches on the undersides of the leaves, do not buy the plant.
  • Be sure decorative pots have adequate drainage.
  • Never let a plant sit in its own drainage water.
  • Avoid placing a plant near hot or cold drafts.

And don't forget to keep your plants clean. Your green thumb may keep them growing, but it can't keep off the dust that seems to settle on them. Use Swiffer cloths to gently clean your plants. Remove the dust that hides their beautiful colors.


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If your bathroom is bright, but receives no direct sun, try a fern. Classic & graceful, ferns love humidity & can hang in a window or sit atop a pedestal.
Orchids thrive in diffused light & lots of humidity. Orchids come in many colors & produce gorgeous blossoms. The peace lily, a luscious, green plant w/white flowers, is excellent for beginners.

If you have a dark or shady bathroom, try a hardy snake plant or the glossy emerald green peperomia. These tough plants can take lower light conditions. A trailing philodendron can hang or sit & also requires less light. In any low-light room, be careful not to overwater your plants.

try out growing herbs in your bathroom as well!

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