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the workout
Gone are the days where all participants don striped leotards & bulky leg warmers, though there are still a few around.
Today there is a class for every body, size, age & style. From step to kickboxing, you'll find a class that inspires you to burn calories & whip your heart & lungs into shape while having a great time.

slowly absorb the information....

A good class is like a fabulous party. You can't stop dancing & you find yourself drenched in sweat even if you've previously had an aversion to exercise.

There's often a sense of camaraderie w/other students if you take the same class often. You & your aerobic buddies will spur each other on.

Classes offer generalized instruction rather than individual. If you are a serious athlete or serious couch potato, it may be difficult to find a level to suit you.

Increased repetition of the same movements in the same class increase your risk of injury, you need to understand your limitations before leaping into a Cardio Blast Off or other advanced classes, especially if you've been injured or have any medical conditions.

Gear: Comfortable attire, water bottle, cross-training or aerobic sneakers. If your ears are sensitive, earplugs may be a good idea, some classes get really loud.

Instruction/Facilities: Make sure the floor in the classroom is a designed for aerobic & other styles of group classes. It should be resilient. Never work on concrete or carpet over concrete.

Time: Typical classes run 45 - 60 minutes.

  • Find the instructor & style of class that you really like. Seek out a teacher that offers lots of choices to accommodate your needs.
  • Beginners, inform the instructor that it's your first class & don't expect to do all the moves your first time out.
  • Also let the instructor know if you have any outstanding medical conditions or injuries.
  • You still need to create a balanced workout program by including strength training & a variety of other types of aerobic training.

iVillagers say
"I have been going to Jazzercise for nearly 20 years & love it! It's an all-around exercise program that is adaptable to anyone." --iVillager genius

"As a fat person, I always hated Jazzercise. The instructors didn't understand how a big body can get in the way & the beginner classes were too advanced for me aerobically & strength-wise." --An iVillager


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